Replacement Windows in West Unity, OH

Replacement Windows in West Unity, OH

The Window Doctor installed these replacement windows in West Unity, OH for the Housh family. Kathy wanted to replace her old wood windows that had poor operation and were drafty, which were causing energy loss. Kathy trusted The Window Doctor to serve her window needs for a few reasons. Their company’s Mission Statement represented great company values which is shown by their actions, the affordable price, the warranties, and guarantees are next to none. Kathy also pointed out her Sales Representative (Tanner) was not pushy and very respectful. She was amazed at the quick turnaround from the initial visit to the installation was complete! Communication with the entire staff was excellent throughout the whole process. The installers (Jerimiah) were super clean and respectful to their home.

Details of replacement windows in West Unity, OH

Here are the features on the 4 Double Hung windows that the project included. The Windows are white on the inside and white on the outside, the Thermo-Flect Glass, Super Spacer, tilt-in sashes, Lexan safety vent locks, Stealth low profile locking system. Interlocking sashes, 4-point fusion welded Frames and Sashes. Fully insulated Frame and Sash, I-Beam reinforced sashes, Beveled screen track with large weep holes for drainage with Full Screens.

Includes the Double Life of the Home Warranty, the No fault Glass Breakage Warranty, the Apples-to-Apples Price Guarantee, and the Free Service Pledge!

Client Review of replacement windows in West Unity, OH

“We couldn’t have picked a better company to do business with. We love your Values, and we love your Windows even more. Can’t wait to get more of your windows and Doors to finish our home. The sales representative (Tanner) was great, and our installer (Jeremiah) was easy to work with.”

Photos of replacement windows in West Unity, OH