8 Replacement Windows in Fort Wayne, IN

8 Replacement Windows in Fort Wayne, IN

Window Doctor recently installed 8 Replacement Windows in Fort Wayne, IN for the Green Family. Anthony and Brittany were having a few issues with their windows in their home, not only were the windows in poor operation shape the windows and the screens were worn out, drafty causing rising energy bill costs due to the poor seals. The Green’s trusted The Window Doctor to fix the issues they were having for several reasons; They loved the quality of the windows, the cost of the project, but the best thing was they are a local Family-owned Faith based business! The installers were efficient, clean, and respectful.

Details of 8 Replacement Windows in Fort Wayne, IN

Here are the features on the 8 Double Hung windows that the project included. The windows are white on the outside and white on the inside, Thermo-Flect Glass, Super Spacer, tilt-in sashes, Lexan safety vent locks, Stealth low profile locking system. Interlocking sashes, 4-point fusion welded Frames and Sashes. Fully insulated Frame and Sash, I-Beam reinforced sashes, Beveled screen track with large weep holes for drainage with Full Screens.

Includes the Double Life of the Home Warranty, the No fault Glass Breakage Warranty, the Apples-to-Apples Price Guarantee, and the Free Service Pledge!

Client Review:

“We love the choice we made with the Window Doctor. Since we had our new windows installed, we hardly ever hear our furnace kick on anymore. Impressive for it being winter in Indiana. Our installer (Jeremiah) did a great job. He was respectful and super clean. Our sales guy (Eric) was easy to deal with and explained things very well. You cannot beat the price for this type of quality.”

Photos of 8 Replacement Windows in Fort Wayne, IN