Whole Home Windows in Montpelier, OH 43543


We recently replaced whole home Windows in Montpelier, OH for Mr. Apt. Aaron Apt. was having a houseful of window problems; Aaron had cheap low-quality windows that were flimsy, drafty, operated poorly, and didn’t let light into the house. Aaron decided to trust The Window Doctor to alleviate the problems he was having by replacing all the windows in his home for a few great reasons. He loved the fact that they are a local Family-owned business with a great reputation and great reviews including the referral form a family member. The financing options are great, and the Warranties and Guarantees are superb. Aaron loved the communication from the company and the Installation Crew (Jerimiah) was clean and efficient. He is amazed at how much less his furnace runs while at the same time his house is much warmer!

Details of Whole Home Windows in Montpelier, OH

Here are the features of the 7 Double Hung Windows, 1 Three Lite Slider, and the 1 Picture Window that the project included. The Windows are white on the inside and white on the outside, the Thermo-Flect Glass, Super Spacer, tilt-in sashes (Double Hungs), Lexan safety vent locks, Stealth low profile locking system. Interlocking sashes, 4-point fusion welded Frames and Sashes. Fully insulated Frame and Sash, I-Beam reinforced sashes, Beveled screen track with large weep holes for drainage with Full Screens.

The Three Lite Slider has the Easy Glide Tracks.

Includes the Double Life of the Home Warranty, the No fault Glass Breakage Warranty, the Apples-to-Apples Price Guarantee, the Free Service Pledge, and the 40% Fuel Savings Pledge!

Client Review:

“The last windows I had were cheap & flimsy. They didn’t let much light in. My new windows from the Window Doctor are quite the opposite and are fantastic. High quality product and they let the light in. I have almost never had to run my furnace in December. Say goodbye to high heating bills.”

Photos of Whole Home Windows in Montpelier, OH 43543